Fall 2020 Litter Announcement

We are overjoyed to announce that we are expecting our second litter in early November. This is our first litter using both dogs that we own (Senka was bred to Gokkai) and we are extremely excited and proud. Due date for puppies can be anytime after November 7th. 

Each puppy from this litter has a 75% chance of being brindle and a 25% chance of being white. There are no long coats possible with this mating.

Success!! Senka and Gokkai were successfully bred September 11th 2020

Pregnancy was confirmed by ultrasound on October 12. It was impossible to get an accurate count, but we saw quite a few little pups. Final count will be determined by x-ray on November 6th. Please follow us on Facebook to get any updates on this litter.

Our first look at Senka x Gokkai puppies!

Senka [UKC GRCH Int CH Futami Go Kaijusou NE NC PTS AV RATS RUNN ETD]

Senka is the foundation Japanese Akita for our kennel and the first JA that we ever owned. It would be impossible to have asked for a dog that fit what we were looking for any better. She has been my stalwart partner in every canine activity that I have asked of her, proving herself time and again in both conformation and performance activities. Senka has the honor of being the first Japanese Akita to have achieved multiple Barnhunt titles, achieved Total Dog at Premier 2019 while earning her Grand Champion title and multiple Nosework High in Trials, achieved Expert Trick dog title with DMWYD, and has gotten many compliments by judges for her sound structure and beautiful color and markings at both AKIHO shows she attended (2018 and 2019) in California. 

Senka is a very enthusiastic girl who pours a lot of energy into whatever she is doing. If she is playing in the yard, she is not content to just run; she leaps and cavorts with the other dogs. That same energy is applied to her performance events. I can’t get her into her Barnhunt or Nosework ring fast enough; she is just so excited to ‘get the rat’ or ‘go find the scent’. 

At home, Senka is the perfect companion. She is exceptionally devoted to her person and lavishes affection with kisses, cuddles, and plentiful tail wags. She is tolerant but uninterested in strangers and is most content when she is sharing space with her people, preferring to always sit or lay nearby. 

Senka 3.5 Years old

Gokkai [AKIHO Tokuyuu UKC CH Hokkai No Ryuu Go Konatsu RUNN NTD]

Gokkai was imported from Hokkaido prefecture, Japan in 2019 at two years old. While there, he was shown in the AKIHO ring and did quite well, earning 1st placement in his class twice. Additionally, he earned the Tokuyuu award at his very first showing at the AKIHO NA branch show in February 2020. 

In our time with him, we have been very pleased with his low-key attitude and his acceptance of other dogs. He has a natural presence and dignity that make him stand out. While Covid has made classes difficult, he proved he has a good willingness to please when he qualified for his Novice Trick Dog title with DMWYD. We hope to be able to work with him on other dog sports in the future.

Gokkai absolutely loves meeting new people either in the house or when we are out at walks and always has a wagging tail. He especially is drawn to children and loves to give them kisses and be loved on by them. He is a dog that thoroughly enjoys affection and will often come up and lean against his people for pets and hugs.

At home, he is mostly a restful companion with some outbursts of energy. Gokkai loves new toys, especially ones that squeak, and especially if he can figure out how to liberate said squeaker. 

We hope that he will add his excellent type, coat, temperament, and proportion to our lines.

Gokkai 3.5 years old